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7,8 / 10 Star
2 H 42Minute
Year 2009
writer Alex Tse
directed by Zack Snyder

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Watchmen was a brilliant adaptation of Alan Moore’s limited series, containing enough of the original material to satisfy a dedicated Watchmen fan, but with enough variation to justify the 120 spent on filming it. It achieves the perfect balance of loyalty and creativity.
I have only two problems with the film. Firstly, the film relies to heavily on the viewer having read the book. I have read the book, but I cannot imagine anybody who has not really understanding the film- too much material is cut from the film, though I look forward to seeing the director’s cut when it is released on DVD.
My other problem has to do with the action sequences. I felt they were too unrealistic, and that a simple introduction to Newton’s laws would not only make the movie more enjoyable, but would probably be easier to film. (For example, in many of the action sequences, a punch or a kick from one of the characters will send the person being hit across a room, while the attacking character remains firmly in place.)
Overall, I felt Watchmen to be an excellent adaptation of an excellent book, but I feel that it will probably only appeal to readers of the original series. (Thad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see it if you haven’t read the book- it means you should read one of the greatest books ever written and then go see the movie…

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WATCHMEN is one of the most important texts of the 20th century. As a deconstruction of the concept of the superhero and a sharp analysis of the paranoia of the Cold War, it defines and diagnoses the period in which it was released. It also deftly demonstrates that the comic book can be a serious art form.
Zack Snyder gets the majority of the key moments from the comics yet misses almost all of the themes. For one thing, everything looks too perfect, too clean, too rendered by computers. Dave Gibbons’ art was deliberately grungy, fitting the dystopian alternate America of the narrative. Night Owl and Silk Spectre come together because they’re lonely old heroes. they’re out of shape and struggle to regain both the fire to fight crime and the timing and physical moves they used to know. but Snyder makes them in-shape ass kickers capable of taking out thugs in an alleyway or murderers in a prison riot. The violence in the original was brutal but also frequently just suggested but Snyder makes sure we see people get their arms cut off or their teeth break.
The film is poorly cast, with only Jeffrey Dean Morgan grasping the narcissism that fuels the Comedian’s desire to be a hero and his regret over his life and Jackie Earl Haley reaching the unsettled morality of Rorschach. Malin Akerman appears to be reciting her lines phonetically, Matthew Goode is a non-entity as Ozymandias, and Carla Gugino mugging underneath some of the worst aging make-up in cinema history. Bily Crudup is lost beneath mediocre CGI that makes his lips look like rubber bands wavering near where his mouth should be.
That said, it moves pretty well and is entertaining enough, I guess, and Morgan’s best moments capture exactly what Moore was going for. It’s worth watching. but as an adaptation of a comic book miniseries that is a must-read, that’s not good enough.